Photo of Rick Boyles, Teamsters Local 959 Secretary-Treasurer

Rick Boyles


Wasilla Office


The Wasilla office will be closed from May 26-June 5 and will resume normal business hours June 8.  First Student members please contact Derek at 751-8519; all Teamsters are welcome to call or visit the Anchorage office 800-478-0959.  Remember you can pay your dues online or over the phone.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Essay Contest 2015-2016

The IBT received hundreds of college scholarship applications and are in the process of evaluating them.  The winners will be notified in July.  They are planning to award $1,000,000 total in funds thanks to the generous support from locals, joint councils and corporate sponsors. 

Another part of the award program is the annual Essay Contest.  The application form is posted under the resources then go to scholarships, it is also available on  Forty winning essays from each region (Eastern, Western, Central, Southern, Canadian) will be chosen for a total of 200 winning essays.  Each winner of the essay contest will be awarded $1,000.

Best of luck to all the applicants this year!


With the end of the school year fast approaching Teamsters at Anchorage School District and First Student will need to contact your local dues office soon to change your status for the summer months by selecting to pay non-working dues or requesting withdrawal status.  If you want to request a withdrawal please do so by May 31st. 

You may contact the Anchorage dues office at 751-8521,  Fairbanks dues office at 452-2959, or Wasilla dues office 864-0959 Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed for lunch 12-1:00 p.m.) 


A Fairbanks Teamsters daughter was recently awarded a $1000 scholarship from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) James R. Hoffa (JRH) Scholarship Fund by entering in the 2014 JRH essay contest.  The JRH Scholarship deadline is nearing quickly.  Please submit your applications to the Anchorage office before March 27 to ensure we can get it post-dated by March 31 to submit to the JRH Scholarship Fund.


Anchorage Hostlers 5-Year No Lost-Time Injury Record

Written by: Brad Brown, Safety/Security/Environmental Compliance Manager at Horizon Lines of Alaska

Anchorage Hostler drivers are members of Alaska Teamsters Union Local 959 and have played a major role in movement of containers in the Horizon Lines' yard for decades. Recently the group achieved a remarkable milestone for reach a total of more than 5 years since their last "Recordable Lost-Time Injury".

Hostlers have one of the most difficult jobs during the long winter months requiring constant vigilance towards safety. In their daily jobs they regularly: climb off and on their tractors to affix air and electrical connections; crawl under chassis’ to hammer on brakes to free frozen drums or linings; and, maintain control of units during very slippery winter conditions.

To service the vessel Hostlers are divided into three groups of drivers referred as a gang, with each gang composed of five drivers. Each gang works one of the three Gantry cranes moving containers from the vessel to designated spots in the yard for customer pickup and eventually returning them to redistribution to customers for goods export.

In addition to vessel operations, individual Hostlers may be assigned to work with TAG (who performs random container inspections) or move containers to the nearby rail yard for transport on the Alaska Railroad. Drivers are also responsible for reworking displaced cargo in containers or for loads that have shifted in shipment and for reducing cargo weight on flats to comply with legal load limitations on Alaska roadways.

How have they done? Well, their last recordable lost-time injury was September 15, 2009, and last reportable injury with no lost time was on December 26, 2011! What an accomplishment!

Congratulations to all for this amazing feat under tough Alaska conditions.

Picture of Hostler drivers.

North Slope News

If anybody thought last winter's North Slope season was busy wait till this winter.  The 2015 winter North Slope season list of jobs is getting bigger and bigger.  As of November 12, 2014, below are the jobs that have been announced:

  • Houston Contracting - Drill Sites 16 & 17 Pipeline Installation.  Both Drill Sites 16 & 17 will have 27,000 feet of pipeline that will consist of 18" pipe, with a new pipe rack and ice roads to be built.  The Pipeline will go from Drill Site 16 to Flow Station 2 with AFC building the ice roads for this project and also drilling VSM holes and hauling all the slurry for the VSM's for this project.  There are an estimated 720 plus VSM's to be set.
  • Doyon/Associated CD-5 job; pipeline job has 4 different pipelines in the scope of work; 20" oil line 10 miles long; 8" water injection line 7.5 miles long; 8" miscible injection line 6.5 miles long; 6' gas injection line 6.5 miles long; 905 Vertical Support Members (VSM's); 605 Horizontal Support Members (HSM's); Powerline and fiber optic cable construction consisting of approximately 9.8 miles; Ice roads will be subcontracted to AFC.  Pt Thomson, 8" west gathering line installation.
  • AFC/Nanuq has a large amount of work this winter starting with a gravel haul for the CD-5 Project, 50-mile ice road to Pt. Thomson, ice roads for Repsol, ENI and Pioneer. 
  • Price Gregory drill site 2S pipeline installation.  The length of the pipeline is 1.4 miles and supports 5 lines.  The length of all five pipe runs combined is approximately 7 miles.  There are 2 each--24" product lines, 2 each--12" water injection lines, and 1--8" gas line.  7 miles of ice roads to be subcontracted to AIC; installation of 130 double VSM's.

Read here about the requirements prospective employees will have to comply with in order to work on the PTP >>>

North Slope image

Updated 11/12/14