Legislative Update

Teamsters Local 959 Legislative Update April 8, 2014
From Barbara Huff Tuckness, Director Legislative & Government Affairs

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (907) 227‑4572 or email at bhuff@akteamsters.com. You can also go online to track bills of interest at www.legis.state.ak.us. 



 MINIMUM WAGE-HB 384 which increases the minimum wage, is the same as the Initiative Petition that is currently on the ballot for the August primary election. House Labor & Commerce heard the bill April 9 and after a couple hours of testimony, most all, against the passage of the bill, the bill moved out of committee and is on the House calendar for a vote on the floor. While we support the increase to the minimum wage we do not want the legislatures to interfere with the wishes of the voters. Let the people vote. There is not bill on the Senate side and some of the leadership in the Senate has said that this is not on their agenda. Will keep folks posted.

GAS PIPELINE-SB 138 the Governor’s gas pipeline legislation finally made it out of House Resources committee earlier this week and is currently being heard in House Finance. 
PERS/TRS UNFUNDED LIABILITY-HB 385 the Governor’s bill authorizing $3 billion that will go to paying down the unfunded liability of the public employee retirement plan. This bill is scheduled for hearing at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 12. A Senate bill has also been introduced.
WORKERS’ COMPENSATION-HB 316 Workers’ Compensation medical fees was heard and held in House Finance April 9. This bill will help reduce or stabilize the medical cost. HB 370 which deals with controlled substance prescriptions was waiting a hearing in House Judiciary. HB 141 has moved out of Senate Labor & Commerce. 
Capitol/Operating Budgets are currently in conference committee. Once the budgets were assigned it kicks in the 24-hour rule, which allows bills to be scheduled within 24 hours, compared to at least five days before. Things that are going to move will be moving fast until session ends April 20 if not sooner.