Martinson "Marty" Kaniho, Sr.

Trustee, General Teamsters Local 959

Martinson “Marty” Kaniho, Sr.

Making his home in Sterling, Alaska, Marty Kaniho and his wife, Sharon, have three sons, Marty, Jr., Richard, and Tony. All union trade hands, Marty is extremely proud of his family. He shares that his son, Marty, Jr., is a member of Teamsters Local 959; Richard lives in Hawaii and is a business representative for the Longshore Union; and Tony, who also lives in Hawaii, works out of the Painters' Union and is a shop steward.

A 45-year member of the Teamsters, Marty has worked 35 of those years out of Local 959 in the construction industry, and the other ten years through Local 150 in Sacramento, California. He has worked in Alaska from Prudhoe Bay to Sheyma.

Presently employed as a general foreman on the North Slope for Norcon, Inc., Marty has served Local 959 as a shop steward, and also works in the capacity of general foreman on most of his jobs.

Believing wholly in the values of the Teamsters, Marty feels he has a vast knowledge of the construction industry because he's worked for many years with a diverse group of contractors and construction trade unions in the craft. He strongly believes in training the young people of our future, and is proud of Norcon because it employs and trains so many apprentices.

Marty states that the values shared by union members have made up his whole life, and further feels he has much to offer and contribute to Local 959. Marty exclaimed he is proud to be elected as a trustee for the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 959.