Online Dues Payment

You must now make Online Dues Payment through the online Member Portal!

If you already registered on the Member Portal, you can sign in here! If not, click here to register!

Member Login Help

We have made paying dues easy!  All you need to do is create a login.  You will need to enter 10 digits for your ledger number, 959 ledger numbers will start with 0959 plus 6 digits.  If you know your ledger as 1234 you will enter 0959001234. If you transferred in from a different local your ledger number is shorter, enter 0’s before your ledger.  10 digits are required for login please enter 0’s prior to your ledger number, example:  0017412345.

Your information you provide to register for the login must match the local’s records.

If you forget your login follow the steps to retrieve the security questions to regain access to your account.