Shop Steward

Shop Stewards can either be elected by the membership or appointed by the local.  Usually you will have a designated steward for your area or shift so the number of stewards will vary based on the size of the bargaining unit.

What is a Shop Steward?

The shop steward is the go-to union representative on the job site.  He or she has a number of responsibilities from contract enforcement and assisting in grievance procedures, to keeping members informed and motivated about their union.   A shop steward is:

  • familiar with your contract and can answer general questions
  • assist new employees in joining the union and are knowledgeable about the benefits of being a member
  • familiar with the grievance procedure and can direct you through the proper steps
  • available to help you identify violations of the contract and can assist you in referencing sections of the contract
  • act as a liaison between employees and the union
  • understand problems and challenges facing your department/company and relay information to the union
  • participate in contract negotiations
  • attend union meetings and are kept current of union-wide updates and labor issues

Local 959 offers training for current and new shop stewards usually in the odd years; the last training was held in the spring of 2017, the next shop steward training is tentatively planned for 2019.  Stewards will receive notification of training when it is scheduled.